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Leaf Text  Captures and manages your budget’s complexity

Leaf Text  Provides a beautiful interface

Leaf Text  Is always accurate and up-to-date

Leaf Text  Lets you communicate your budget clearly

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Manage budgeting complexity

Large budgets are complex, hierarchical beasts with a lot of moving parts.


  • Helps you organize that complexity

  • Is inherently hierarchical (as opposed to spreadsheets, which are flat!)

  • Lets you do instant pricing assessments which propagate to the bottom line automatically

  • Shares vines across team members, so each department head has the control they need

  • Helps you communicate the budget’s essence, only showing the details you need

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A graceful interface

Good software should be a pleasure to use.


  • Uses a vine metaphor to facilitate your budget’s hierarchical organization

  • Lets you see everything you are working on

  • Makes it easy to zoom in or out, depending on the level of detail you need

  • Offers the functionality you need – without being cluttered

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Always accurate and up-to-date

A big budget is shared across multiple teams.


  • Propogates all changes to department budgets or line item costs, automatically

  • Does all the math without formulas!

  • Gives you the confidence to know you are always working with the best information

  • Tells you where the money is going, always

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Lets you communicate your budget clearly

Complex budgets are the bane of large projects.


  • Makes it easy to communicate all costs, at any level of detail.

  • Gives you a dynamic tool for presentations

  • Answer all budget questions on the spot, clearly and to the last dollar

  • Prevent cost overruns by going into projects with 100% understanding

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